Safety device Riken Optech SE II

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✳️ Reflection Type Safety Light Curtain

The Ultimate Reflection-type system

Introducing the SEⅡ, the ultimate reflection-type Safety Light Curtain, remain a long-selling product for some decades, which using our accumulated safety engineering expertise and the latest in electro-optical technology, we are able to further address our customers’ safety concerns.


  • Built-in self-check circuit.
  • Achieved the dramatic reduction against the ambient light.
  • Reflection system allows for an expanded working area.
  • Reflection system allows for simple beam alignment.
  • Reduces maintenance.
  • Installation is fast and simple.


No. of Beams 6 – 12
Protective Height 200 – 440 mm
Beam Spacing 40 mm
Power Supply AC100±10%
Output Contact 1A, 1B (separate)
Output Contact Rating 230 VAC, 7A (Cosφ=1)
Response Time Less than 20 ms
Power Consumption 10 – 15 W
Temperature Range -5℃ – 50℃

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2 reviews for Safety device Riken Optech SE II

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