• Maker: Sino Machinery
• Made in: Taiwan
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Straight Side Double Crank Press with Transfer Unit (TP Model)
High rigidity frame structure
  • Straight side frame structure, good rigidity by high strength steel plate    with precisely welding .
  • Suitable for long term, high speed punching work.
High accuracy plunger guide device
  • Using plunger guide device to connect crank and slide, can efficiently eliminate the side force affection from traditional connecting rod design,  to ensure good operating stability.
  • The slide only sustained upward and downward force, and with  eight-side gib design, can maintain accuracy stability during long time operating, ensure the long service life of die mold. Suitable for progressive die punching work.
High stability structure
  • The slide adjusting motor with brake function and air lock device, can maintain good stability of slide B.D.C position during high speed running,  to ensure the product good quality.
  • Hydraulic type die-stick release device, can easily solve the die-stick  problem, increasing the production efficiency and raising the stability of slide B.D.C position.
High efficiency clutch & brake unit.
  • High torque, good operating sensitivity, low operating noise, and easily maintenance.
  • Efficiency cooling fin & rib design, good result for heat releasing.
  • Using high strength and good quality casting iron for making the main parts, to enlong the service life.
  • Using good quality spring with stable flexibility coefficient, to assure the operating function.
High efficiency automatic peripheral equipment adapted.
  • Can adapt auto transfer device to work progressive punching automatically, increase production efficiency and reduce cost.
  • The structure of auto transfer device is precise and with high rigidity, can ensure no swing and vibrating in operating, and working stability & positioning precisely, increase the production accuracy.
  • Can connect versatile control peripheral equipment for operating,exploit  the production synergy.


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