Safety Guard for Press Brake AKAS

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✳️ Safety Guard for Press BrakeAKAS

Satisfy both safety and work efficiency hitherto difficult with conventional safety devices

The AKAS system safety guard for press brakes complies with world standards, and has acquired EN954 Category 4 and EN12622 certifications.Since the laser beams surely detect the fingers of the operator, safety is guaranteed, even for operations in which ensuring safety was difficult with conventional safety devices.

✳️ Features
  • Box-bending mode employed responds to box-bending operation hitherto difficult with conventional safety devices
  • Various functions compatible with diverse press brake operations are incorporated
    • Ram’s slow-speed closing demand monitoring
    • Slow-speed monitoring
    • Overrun confirmation
  • Incorporated automatic height adjustment function reduces the setup time and eliminate dangers by setting errors

✳️ AKAS-3 Series

Series enables high-speed approach to sheet materials (Productivity-oriented) *Target press brake is limited.

✳️ AKAS-3
  • With automatic height adjustment function
  • Possible to conduct high-speed operation to within *7mm above processing materials. (*Different depending on type of machine)
✳️ Operation Video

✳️ AKAS-II Series

Series designed to support various kinds of press brakes (Flexibility-oriented)

  • With automatic height adjustment function
  • For machines requiring many punch replacements
  • Without automatic height adjustment
  • For machines that have no punch replacements or uses specific punch heights
✳️ Operation Video

✳️ Specifications

Input voltage AC100~220V 50/60Hz 又は DC24V
Power consumption Stationary: 15W or less , Motor running: 35W or less
Response time 11.5ms
Output contact a X 2
Output contact capacity AC220v_2A, DC30v_2A
Optional contact b X 1
Optional contact capacity AC24v_1A, DC24v_1A
Effective distance AKAS-3:10m



Operating temperature range 0℃ ~ 50℃
Laser class Class 1
compliance standards EN61496-1 (type 4)、EN12622、EN61496-1:2008

IEC61496-2:2006、EN ISO 13849-1:2008、EN 62061:2005

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