Safety device Riken Optech SDM3

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✳️Safety device Riken Optech SDM3

Stop-Time Measuring Device. A requisite measuring system for the performance diagnosing of the press machines.

Non-contact measurement is realized by adopting magnetic sensor.

✳️ Features

✔️ The quick stop time, inertial descending value and the speed of the slide movement are measured.


✔️ By adopting non-contact type measurement systems, it can be universally applied for any kinds of the machines. (Turret-punch press is also applicable.)


✔️ Even a machine with small inertial descending value is also measureable.


✔️ The measurement position is recognized automatically. (Stroke length is less than 340mm.)


✔️ Lightweight and compact design. Three models in difference size are provided.


riken optech sdm3


Model SDM3
Power Supply AC100±10%
Temperature Range 0 – 60℃
Output Contact 2A 1B
Power Consumption 20W
Measurable Speed(SPM) 600 spm (Max.)
Applicable machines The slip distance of the slide is less than 300mm.(regardless of the stroke length)
Sensor LE3-100 90 mm
Sensor LE3-200 180 mm
Sensor LE3-340 300 mm

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