Safety device Riken Optech RSL230-Stage2

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✳️Safety device Riken Optech RSL230-Stage2

Direct Projection Type Safety Light Curtain RSL230-Stage2

RSL230-Stage2 is designed to increase productivity while ensuring personnel safety with fail-safe circuitry, if any component within the system fails, a stop command is sent to the press, disabling it until the failure is corrected.


  • Positive protection with 20mm pitch optical axes.
  • Built-in self-check circuit.
  • Ultra-slim design requires minimum installation space and allows large workplace.
  • Wide variations of the sensors with 8 to 64 optical axes are available.
  • Error-mode Monitor shows the conditions of the system with LED.
  • Unaffected by ambient light with modulated light system.
  • Significantly improved safety with various added functions.
  • Installation is fast and simple.


✔️ Light Sensor
RSL230-140 – 1260
No. of Optical Axis 8 – 64 axes
Protection Height 140mm – 1,260mm
Optical Beam Spacing 20 mm
Minimum Object Sensitivity(MOS) 30 φ
Detective Distance 0.2m – 6m or 0.2m – 2.5m (short scan type)
Response Time (incl.Control Box) 15 ms – 35 ms or less (ON→OFF)
Power Supply 24 VDC
Current Consumption (max) 220mA – 260mA
Optical Element Infrared LED (wavelength 870nm)
External Diagnosis Function Available
Temperature Range Working:-10-55℃(non freezing) / Storage:-30-70℃
Humidity Range 35-95%RH
✔️ Control Box
Power Consumption +24V / 15W +24V / 30W
Power Supply (Control Box) 100 VAC – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Output Contact 1Ax2, 1Bx1
Output Contact Rating 250VAC, 6A(Cosφ = 1)
Temperature Range Working:-10-55℃(non freezing) / Storage:-25-85℃
Humidity Range 35-85%RH

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