Multifunctional Load Monitoring System PTM

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✳️ Multifunctional Load Monitoring SystemPTM

Load Monitor is a system for monitoring load fluctuation during press operation

In order to improve and stabilize the quality of the products, it’s necessary to continuously monitor the optimal load. Excessive load generates not only defective products, but damage of the machine and the dies, and becomes a cause of deterioration in the cost performance due to waste of time and materials. In order to prevent such problems, the load monitor outputs a stop signal to the press machine, when the load exceeds the monitoring range that has been set in advance.

PTM series load monitor is the most advanced load monitoring system offered by the company. Utilizing smart-sampling alarm control and statistical process control, this system helps to protect machines and quality control.

✳️ Features
  • Multiple monitoring and alarming functions(overload, rolling average-value comparison, absolute-value comparison, reserve load)
  • Simultaneous peak load display for each channel (available to support reserve load)
  • Total peak load display
  • Load waveform analysis
  • SPC chart display function incorporated (statistical process management)
  • Peak load history display
  • Display slide position and load by Inputting resolver angle
  • Easy touch-panel operation
  • Monitor eccentric load deviation (left/right) by setting %
✳️ Display load history and analysis results by an easy operation

✳️ Ethernet support (optional) enables data sharing between sections and data confirmation from remote locations

If network is built,unified management of data acquired is possible. Sharing data measured between related sections enables monitoring data to be extracted immediately.

✳️ Specifications
Electrical Specifications Power Input Range 90~240 VAC
Current Consumption 3.125A
Number of Channels 2ch=(PTM-2300) / 4ch(PTM-4500)
A/D Conversion Method 16 bit
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature 0℃ to 50℃(32°F to 122°F)
Input Specifications Type of Input Strain Gauge(175ohm、350ohm、700ohm)
Display Resolution Up to 0.1% of Full Scale
Overall Unit Accuracy Within 1% of Full Scale
A/D Sample Rate 333μsec.
Supports maximum SPM 200(Resolver)
Output Specifications Output contact 1A contact capacity : 240VAC 10A

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