Mist spray system Sugiyama PS-254/252

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PS-254/252 mist spray system was developed by the advanced technology to solve the processing oil lubrication in the metal stamping press almost.
That is achievement to the level of coating and uniformity, furthermore, the superior performance like the clean to the ambient environment etc.
Moreover, the collection of adjustment-free of the nozzle setting and the drain is the best for achievement and the eco-driving according to the use of a newly developed atomization chamber.



 Smooth lubricating oil in adoption of newly developed, high-speed, electromagnetic pomp with little pulse.
 The step-rotary switch is making easy setting the flow control.
 A newly developed nozzle is adopted without adjustment on the nozzle side.
 The independent adjustment of the upper and lower atomization air achieves the best lubrication.
 The open type tank recharges the stamping oil without the press stop.
The polyethylene tank of strong chemical resistance was adopted.
 The chamber for atomization is improved, and maximum width of atomization in a minimum number of nozzles is obtained. About twice the width of atomization can be expected at the chamber use.
 The error checking and correcting functions such as pumps and nozzles can be added, the die is protected from stopping the stamping oil.



PS-254 Controller

PS-254/ PS-252

PS-254 Controller

20L oil reservoir with float switch (option)
PS-254 20L oil reservoir with float switch



 Model  PS-254 / PS-252
   Input specification  Internal voltage (DC24V) type
Connect the contact of the semiconductor switch of the no-voltage
   Circuit current  MAX 5 mA
 Output  STOP, READY, PLC (option)
   Output specification  STOP, READY: Relay contact AC250/DC30V 3A max.
PLC (option): Photo relay contact DC24V 100mA max.
 Power supply, etc
   Power supply voltage  IAC 100-120 V or AC 200-220 V
   Maximum current  1.6A/AC100V, 0.8A/AC200V max.
 Weight  3.5kg/PS-254, 3kg/PS-252
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 216.5 * 228 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Ambient operating humidity  35~85% RH (non condensing)
 Environment atmosphere  Corrosive gas and dust should not exist.
 Kinematic viscosity  1-10mm2/s (1-10cSt)
 Flow rate  max. 9ml/min / CH
 Pump head  1.5m
 Model  ST8PL-1.0 (Standard)
 Width of spraying  max. 200mm
 Nozzle orifice size  1mm in diameter
 Tube for piping
   Outside diameter  4mm
   Internal diameter  2.5mm
   Material  Polyurethane (red), Polyolefin (clear)
 Model  ST8-0.5
 Width of spraying  max. 200mm
 Nozzle orifice size  0.5mm in diameter
 Tube for piping
   Outside diameter  4mm
   Internal diameter  2.5mm
   Material  Polyurethane (red/yellow), Polyolefin (clear)
 Model  ST8-1.0
 Width of spraying  max. 200mm
 Nozzle orifice size  0.5mm in diameter
 Tube for piping
   Outside diameter  4mm
   Internal diameter  2.5mm
   Material  Polyurethane (red/yellow), Polyolefin (clear)
 20L oil reservoir with float switch (option)
 Model  PS-25421
 Capacity  20 liters
 Acceptable oil  Oil that doesn’t corrode metal and resin
 Level sensor  Float type
 Dimensions(WHD)  350 * 410 * 170 mm
 Material  Polyethylene
 Weight  1.4kg
 Pressure-sensor unit (option)
 Model  PS-25404 (4CH), PS-25402 (2CH)
 Sensor  ZSE80F-02-N-C made of SMC
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 83.5 * 200 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Weight  2.7kg(4CH用) / 2.5kg(2CH用)


Nozzle unit


 ST8PL-1.0 (Standard)  ST8-0.5


Nozzle unit installation treatment device


 Magnet stand (1 piece)  Magnet stand (2 piece)
Magnet stand Magnet stand
 APB-1  APB-2


Oil reservoir with float switch


 PS-25421 (20L)


Waste tank with float switch


 PS-25422 (10L)


Pressure-sensor unit


 PS-25402 2ch  PS-25404 4ch