Malfunction Detector Riken Optech RDM-4

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✳️ Malfunction Detector Riken Optech RDM-4

Strain Monitoring Die Protection System

Only to press the setup button, RDM-4 sets the best monitoring range automatically.

RDM-4 is epochal new product designed and developed to make precise detection for slug by jamming die hitherto difficult to detect. The unit checks delicate changes accurately at a time slug is produced or other changes occur and stop the press machine promptly. An analog wave form produced at each stroke of the press machine is detected by a sensor mounted on the frame of the press machine and operationally processed with a built-in microcomputer to ascertain right or wrong. using with our slug detector MICRON-3, more effective detection is available.


✳️ Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Start operating with the simple push of the setup button after changing dies.
  • Interactive LCD dramatically simplifies operation.
  • Sensors are mounted to the press, eliminating the need to adjust sensors at every die change.
  • RDM-4’s unique “Area under the curve comparison method” enable to detect floating slug, slug pulling for jamming dies
    hitherto difficult to detect.
  • Supports a wide range of fault detection, double sheet feeding, material end, mis-feeding, etc

✳️ Specifications

●Device Proper Model RDM-4
Power supply 100-240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Output Relay contacts 1A,1B(240V AC, 5A) CosΦ=1
Analog output 0-5V (left/right load wave)
Response time Display 600spm, stopping ability 2,000spm
Display Numeric value equivalent to working load
Sensitivity 0.01mV/V(24X10-6 strain, 50% load)
Temperature drift -5℃-+60℃, 0%
●Sensor Model LUM-420A
Measuring range ±600μst
Sensitivity 1mV/μ (400μ strain)
Temperature drift 0.1% FS/℃
Working temperature range -10℃-+80℃
Outside dimensions 30(D) X 68(W) X 10(H) mm
Mounting pitch 40mm ±0.1mm

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