Programmable Rotary Cam Switch Riken Optech PCS-12

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✳️ Programmable Rotary Cam Switch Riken Optech PCS-12

To promote automation, laborsaving and producing high quality products, positioning detection, especially angle detection is very important, and additionally, high precision, certainty and high operability are required for producing high quality products. Our PCS-12 has all requirements. Installs a sensor on the revolving cam shaft of the press machine, and decides the reference point, then sets the operating position dialogically by the LCD monitor. (It can be set at 1 degree.) By the incorporated microcomputer, when the revolving cam shaft reaches to the reference point, PCS-12 outputs ON/OFF signal.

✳️ Features

  • High operability with a large and highly legible liquid crystal display.
  • Teaching function allows the user to set the angle while checking operating condition.
  • Memorized program Function enables to store and recall up to 41 types of angel setting.
  • Adaptability to high speed operation at 1 degree in resolution up to 3000 SP.
  • Stopping-time measurement function employed, that assures to help for safety press operation

✳️ Specifications

●Power Supply and
Output section
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W or less
Output contact Contact “B”, 1 circuit(fault output)
Output contact capacity 240 VAC or less, max.5A Cosφ=1
Cam output NO polarity, 1 circuit(AC-SSR), common for all channels
Output capacity 240 VAC or less, max.1A Cosφ=1
Cam/transistor output Output type : Open collector output
(load:1200mA max. at less than 40VDC.)
●Detection section Type Optical rotary encoder (360PR)
Detection accuracy 1 degree(max.3000spm)
●Display section Display LCD display with back light, blue mode(320 X 240 pixels)
Temperature compensation circuit built-in Built-in
Contrast control External
●Others Backup Semiconductor memory,
Backup time:10 years or more
Maximum SPM 3000
Temperature range Working: -10℃-50℃(non freezing) / Storage: -20℃-75℃
Humidity range 10-85%RH (at wet bulb temperature of 29℃ or less, non condensation)

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