Loop sensor Sugiyama LS-50

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Loop sensor Sugiyama LS-50

 LS-50 is the ring proximity sensor having internal diameter 50 mm.

The ring proximity sensor can detect passage of the magnetic material.
Sensor mounting bracket is not included.

 Standard sensing object  φ 3 * t0.3 (Iron)
 Input configuration of Malfunction detector  NC
 Power supply  DC12 V   +/-5%   40 mA (max.)
 Output  NPN output of +12 V with Approx. 4.7 kΩ pull-up resistor.
 Load current  50 mA (max.)
 Ambient temperature range  0 to 40 degree C
 Weight  0.5 kg (Only the main body)
 Standard shipped items  Connector cable

Loop sensor Sugiyama LS-50Loop sensor Sugiyama LS-50Loop sensor Sugiyama LS-50