• Maker: Komatsu
• Made in: Japan
• Prices: Please call



  • The G-Series Straight Side Press: Designed for Superior Reliability, Consistency and Versatility.

    • Ideal for progressive,transfer and manual die applications
    • Full tie-rod construction with hydraulic tie rod nuts for superior rigidity
    • Single and double gear reduction to suit various applications
    • Superior frame rigidity characteristics
    • Superior off-center load characteristics
    • Increased bearing area for slide guidance
    • Faster stopping times with real-time display per stroke
    • Higher production rates in single stroke mode
    • Improved and consistent part quality
    • Increased die life

  • A Higher Level of Standard Equipment for Increased Performance.

    • Massive heavy-duty fabricated design
    • Single piece fabricated slide with reinforced plate construction
    • Bolster thickness exceeds JIC standards
    • Wide windows for transfer and progressive die applications
    • Precision plunger guide design
    • Precision oil lubricated gibs with controlled oil flow bronze liners
    • Hardened and ground helical gears with splined connections
    • Motorized slide adjustment from operator panel
    • Hydraulic slide lock mechanism
    • Pneumatic air counterbalance
    • Variable speed main motor
    • High torque hydraulic clutch and brake
    • Automatic flywheel brake
    • Quick responding, dependable hydraulic overload protection
    • Free standing electrical console with operators control station
    • T-stand for easy set-up and operation
    • 100 job memory
    • Die safety block with electrical interlock

•  Press capacities range from 330 ton to 880 ton.