Direct Projection Type Safety Light Curtain RPZ

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✳️ Direct Projection Type Safety Light CurtainRPZ

Safety Light Curtain Possessing Both Safety and Functionality

This direct-projection safety light curtain for press machines has the highest-level safety based on a design compliant with international standards, advanced basic performance including enhanced noise resistance and is equipped with a series connection function and error display function in the event of a problem, making it suitable for a variety of work sites.

✳️ Features
  • Failsafe design for the highest level safety
    The highest level safety has been realized based on a failsafe design that utilizes mutual checking performed by two CPUs equipped in the receiver, and redundancy of the signal-processing circuit and output circuit.

    • Complies with international standard IEC61496-1/2 and North
      American standard UL61496-1/2.
    • Complies with China Standard GB4584-2007(some models)
  • Diverse line-up to cope with various operating environments
    Select the optimal safety light curtain according to the installation environment, type of press and work content.
  • Series connection function and error display function equipped
    Flexible installations matched to the operating environment and work content
  • Simple to adjust beams
    LED indicators equipped: Determine status of main unit with a single glance
  • Mutual interference prevention
    When multiple RPZ units are installed, a light interference avoidance algorithm (assigned according to the respective wavelengths of light sensors) can prevent mutual interference (up to three sets).
✳️ Safety Device Selection Criteria (Protective Range)
  • Mechanical press: (Die height + Stroke length) or more
  • Hydraulic press: (Full daylight range) or more
    * Note that the necessary protective range varies according to the installation conditions.
  • In the case that the top beam height at the time of installation is 1,400mm or less from the floor surface → (Die height + Stroke length + Insufficient length) or more
  • In the case that the top beam height at the time of installation is more than 1,700mm from the floor surface → (Die height + Stroke length – Excess length) or more
    * Lowest beam position is assumed to be the top surface of the bolster.
✳️ Specifications
RPZ425-□□□X2 RPZ425-□□□X4
No. of Beams 8 ~ 102(Protection Height:140~2020mm)
Beam Spacing 20mm
Minimum Object Sensitivity (MOS) 25mm
Detection Distance 0.2 ~ 4m 0.2 ~ 7m
Response Time ON→OFF: 15ms, OFF→ON: 70ms
* When Control Box is connected: ON→OFF: 25ms, OFF→ON: 90ms
Input voltage 90VAC~240VAC (When control box is used)
(Power Supply for Emitter/Receiver only: 24VDC±20%)
Power Consumption Emitter: 41mA~101mA, Receiver: 41mA~67mA
(Control Box: CB6-S: 16.8W, CB6-W: 30W)
Output Contact (CB6) 2A, 1B Contact Capacity: 250VAC 3A
Key Switch Output Contact (CB6) 1A, 2B Contact Capacity: 220VAC 0.7A (Inductive Load), 1.0A (Resistance Load)
Light Source Infrared LED (wavelength: 870nm)
Effective Aperture Angle Within ± 5° (when detection distance is 3m or more) Within ± 2.5°(when detection distance is 3m or more)
External Diagnostic Function When Test-input line or LA-terminal (in case with Control Box) is:
(Vs-3V)~Vs: Emitter OFF, 0~1/2V or open: Emitter ON.
* Vs: a voltage value in operating environment.
Ambient Temperature During operation: -10~55℃ (No freezing), During storage: -30~70℃
Ambient Humidity During operation: 35~85RH (No freezing), During storage: 35~95RH
Ambient Light Intensity Incandescent light: 3,000lx or less (Light intensity at the receiver surface),
Sunlight: 10,000lx or less (Light intensity at the receiver surface)
Insulation Resistance 20Mohm or more (for 500VDC)
Withstand Voltage 1,000VAC(Sensor), 1,500VAC (Control Box), 50/60Hz, 1min.
Degree of Protection Emitter/Receiver: IP65, Control Box: IP54 (IEC60529)
Vibration Resistance Malfunction Durability: 10~55Hz, Double-amplitude: 0.7㎜,X, Y,Z directions: 20 sweeps
Shock Resistance Malfunction Durability: 100m/s2, {10G}, X,Y, Z directions: 1,000 times
Standard Compliance
(Sensor only)
X2-type: IEC61496-1 type-2 ESPE & IEC61496-2 type-2 AOPD
IEC61508-1~-7 (SIL1), ISO13849-1: 2006 Cat. 2 PLc
X4-type: IEC61496-1 type-4 ESPE & IEC61496-2 type-4 AOPD
IEC61508-1~-7 (SIL3), ISO13849-1: 2006 Cat. 4 PLe

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