Digital counter Sugiyama PS-330

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PS-330 is an electronic counter for the press working uses.It has the total, the pre-set, and the batch counter.
This device has the input for counting and the device control.It has the relay contact and open collector outputs.The output is used to control the press machine stop and the alarm device.
In addition, this device has the measuring function of WORK TIME, EFFICIENCY, and SPM.It is useful for the improvement of productivity.



 It is 3-IN-1 counter equipped with the total counter, the pre-set counter, and the batch counter.
The total counter and the pre-set counter achieved the range of counting of ten digits though the digital display was seven digits.
Three values can be set to the pre-set counter.

Example Set value 1 10,000  (For the press stop)
Set value 2 9,500  (For the alarm)
Set value 3 1,000  (For the alarm)
Count to 10,000 and stop the press.
Count to 9,500 and start the alarm.
Count to 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, and start the alarm.
The bank function maintains the movement of a set value, the countable number of values, and the counter. Eight banks are possessed.
This device has LT(lifetime) counter and LT(lifetime) timer.
LT(lifetime) counter displays the number of totals. LT(lifetime) timer measures the time of the total operation.
Output the press stop if the counting signal is not input exceeding the time of the default.





PS-330 Dimensions



 IN A  1 input Counting input
 IN B  1 input Count ON/OFF
 Key lock  1 input Operation inhibit
 Specification Internal voltage type (12 V)
 ON level  3.0 V or below   8 mA or over (10 mA max.)
 OFF level  9.0 V or over   1 mA or below
 Output  DC30 V / AC220 V   3A
 ALARM  DC30 V / AC220 V   2A
 READY  DC30 V / AC220 V   2A
 Open collector  DC30 V (100 mA max.)
 Counter composition
 Total counter  1
 Preset counter  1
 Batch counter  1
 LT counter  1
 LT timer  1
 Weight  Body 2.2 kg (inc. mounting brackets.)
 Power supply voltage  AC100 ~ 220 V   +/-10%   50/60Hz
 Dimensions(WHD)   200 * 83.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use. )
 Ambient operating humidity  35 ~ 85% RH (non condensing)
 Attachments  Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
Instruction manual