Cutting counter Sugiyama PS-321

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Cutting counter PS-321 is designed to produce and output control signals from the Count input signal. The control signals are produced based on the Count cycle.



 Three forms of Count modes

  • You can select three forms of Count modes by pushing buttons on the front panel.
    In the Count mode 1, two channels operate independently.
    In the Count mode 2 and 3, output is controlled by two setting values for one Counter.
 Easy-to-change Count values by panel operation

  • Without applying Count signals, you can change the Count value by the front panel operation.
 Prohibition of unnecessary operations

  • PS-321 has the operation prohibition function to prevent errors in operations.
 Independent SSR and open collector output

  • Each channel has SSR and open collector output. Four outputs or less are available.
 Variety of output forms

  • You can select out of 4 output forms in the Count mode 1 and 15 forms in the Count mode 2/3.You can select them by the device setting.
    SSR and open collector can be set separately.
 Counter control functions such as Count interruption and Count reset

  • In the Count mode 2/3, the Count input 2 can be also utilized as a Counter control input.
 Built-in SSR for output

  • ACSSR or DCSSR for output can be installed. To replace SSRs, remove the back panel. Use the SSR specified by Sugiyama Electric System Inc.
 Remote control available (OPTION)

  • Most operations can be remotely controlled by commands from such devices as the programmable controller. However, optional settings are required.





PS-321 Dimensions



 Count digit  3 digit
 Max Count speed  200 CPS
 Count channel number  2 (Count mode 1)
1 (Count mode 2, 3)
 Output form  4 (Count mode 1)
15 (Count mode 2, 3)
 DCSSR  DC30 V   500 mA max.
 ACSSR  AC240 V   1 A max.
 Open collector  DC30 V / 100 mA max.
 Power supply voltage  AC100 ~ 240V   +/-10%   50/60Hz
 Power supply Consumption  15 VA max.
 Weight  Body 2.8 Kg (inc. mounting brackets)
 Ambient operating temperature 0 to 55 degree C No sudden temperature change during the use.
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 98.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Attachments  Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
Instruction manual
ACSSR (It is possible to exchange it for DCSSR.)
*It has installed it internally.


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