Box changer Sugiyama CS-860

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Box changer CS-860-2 is a device of the press product that puts the box and does the calculation of the product and the clearing work of the box by work. In the method using a past pre-set counter, it was necessary to stop the press device when the counter reaches the preset value, and to reactivate by the manual operation. In reactivation by the manual operation, the press device remains stopping if there is no worker to be near. Therefore, utilization rates decreases.
CS-860-2 is equipped with the counter for the box exchange. Boxes can be exchanged without stopping the press device when using it together with a special shutter or the belt conveyer. Moreover, press-interlocking has the function to reactivate though the press device is stopped at the box exchange. It is possible to save labor by these functions, and, in addition, the press device can be driven in high utilization rates.



 The size of the box can be freely designed.

  • The size of the box used is not limited.
 It is small and lightness.

  • It is small and space required for installation is a little. It can be easily moved as a result of lightening.
 The shutter has the sensor.

  • A special shutter to be able to do the calculation and the supply control of the product was developed. The installation for the device introduction is easy.
 Operation monitoring function.

  • The watch sensor and the control sensor observe the operation time and the ON/OFF operation of the signal, and abnormal operation is detected adequately.

  • A special controller was originally designed. A lot of functions were achieved by building the microcomputer into.




CS-860-2H/ CS-860-2SSH
CS-860-2SSH+100(long version)/ CS-860-2SHA

CS-860 Dimensions



 Range that can be handled
 Size of box  Width   300 ~ 670 mm (Direction of clamping)
Length 200 ~ 420 mm (Feed direction)
Height  100 ~ 235 mm (300 mm max. *When you use the option)
 Weight when empty box is piled  15 kg (max.)
 Weight when product enters box  15 kg (max.) (The weight of the box is contained)
 Size of shutter open mouth 230 * 145 mm
 Sensor sensitivity  4 mm in diameter globe corresponding (sensitivity setting possible)
 The value of the count is memorized  There is a backup.
 Storage hold time  15 days or more (In five hours)
 Conveyer control output  Under 2 A The output voltage depends on the power supply.
 Stop output relay  AC240 V / DC30 V   2 A Transfer point of contact
 Supplementary output  SSR (AC240 V   0.5 A) / relay (AC240 V / DC30 V   3 A)
 Power supply for sensor  DC12 V   0.2 A
 Weight  45 kg
 Power supply  AC100 V   +/-10%   50/60Hz  0.3A
 Supply air pressure  500 ~ 900 kPa (5 ~ 9 kgf/c㎡)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C No sudden temperature change during the use.
 Ambient operating humidity  35 ~ 85% RH (non condensing)
 Ambient operating atmosphere  Free of corrosive gas, dust
 Attachments  Main body of CS-860-2 (Specify shutter or shooter’s presence.)
Output cable(3 m)
Instruction manual




 CS-860-2H Standard Specification
CS-860H Only the main body of CS-860-2

 Size of box
 Width 300 ~ 670
 Length 200 ~ 370
 Height 100 ~ 435


Because the sensor for the count has not adhered, the signal (point of contact) for the count from the outside is necessary.


 CS-860-2SSH With Sensor shutter
CS-860SSH Main body of CS-860-2 and Sensor for count in shutter

 Size of box
 Size of box
 Width 300 ~ 670
 Length 200 ~ 370
 Height 100 ~ 235
*100 ~ 335 long version
CS-860-2SSH+100(long version)


When the product enters the shutter, it counts because the sensor for the count has adhered.


 CS-860-2SHA With Shutter
CS-860SHA Main body of CS-860-2 and Shutter

 Size of box
 Width 300 ~ 670
 Length 200 ~ 370
 Height 100 ~ 235 (435)
The height of the shooter can be raised up to 200 mm or less.


Shooter’s position can be adjusted by 150 mm.
Because the sensor for the count has not adhered, the signal (point of contact) for the count from the outside is necessary.