AIDA Ultimate Precision Forming Press DSF-U1 Series

• Made in: Japan
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✳️ AIDA Ultimate Precision Forming Press DSF-U1 Series

We are pleased to finally announce the launch of our Ultimate Precision UL Series Servo Press equipped with AIDA independently developed low-speed high-torque servo motors. Optimized motion is now achievable on a press that is more accurate than the dies.
  • The entire series utilizes a direct-drive system to achieve high working energy.
  • Provides superior performance for forming applications such as high-precision ironing, squeezing, and bulging that require high accuracy and are also influenced by forming speeds.
  • Provides robust support for environmental-related parts applications as well as for new forming materials and fields.
  • Even better energy savings thanks to the usage of the Servo Former Series capacitor bank system.

✳️ Capacity Range

The standard tonnage capacity specifications range from 1600 kN to 6000 kN. Please contact WISMA ENGINEERING (VN) for additional specification-related information.
Custom presses with higher capacities can also be provided.

AIDA DSF-U1 Large Capacity Transfer Presses are specifically engineered to project requirements.

Please contact us and our professional engineering team with your requirements and specifications.

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