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• Made in: Japan
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Cutting-edge systems that are leading the way to new forming possibilities for automotive body components.
  • Optimal for medium and large panel forming and deep draw applications. AIDA not only has a proven track record for large tandem line systems. It has also sold many trial presses used for single-strike forming.
  • Only a servo press allows each parameter to be optimized in order to fully leverage the press and slide motion, the motion of the transfer equipment. The formability characteristics of the press, and the flexibility and speed of the transfer equipment.
  • AIDA servo lines enable both the ‘deep-drawing of highly contoured parts’ and ‘the highest level of productivity in the world’ that was difficult to achieve using conventional technology.
  • Moreover, when combined with AIDA’s independently developed motorized hydraulic servo die cushion, it enables the stable production of high-strength steels that require final shaping forces and of complex shapes that tend to crack.
Capacity Range

Individual presses range in capacity from 5000 kN ~ 25000 kN.
AIDA DSF-S Large Capacity Transfer Presses are specifically engineered to project requirements.
Please contact us and our professional engineering team with your requirements and specifications.


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