Malfunction Detector Riken Optech RDM

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Malfunction Detector Riken Optech RDM

Only to press the setup button, RDM sets the best monitoring range automatically.

RDM is epochal new product designed and developed to make precise detection for slug by jamming die hitherto difficult to detect. The unit checks delicate changes accurately at a time slug is produced or other changes occur and stop the press machine promptly. An analog wave form produced at each stroke of the press machine is detected by a sensor mounted on the frame of the press machine and operationally processed with a built-in microcomputer to ascertain right or wrong. using with our slug detector MICRON-3, more effective detection is available.



  • Easy to use.
  • Start operating with the simple push of the setup button after changing dies.
  • Interactive LCD dramatically simplifies operation.
  • Sensors are mounted to the press, eliminating the need to adjust sensors at every die change.
  • RDM’s unique “Area under the curve comparison method” enable to detect floating slug, slug pulling for jamming dies hitherto difficult to detect.
  • Supports a wide range of fault detection, double sheet feeding, material end, mis-feeding, etc.


●Device Proper Model RDM
Power supply 100-240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Output Relay contacts 1A,1B(240V AC, 5A) CosΦ=1
Analog output 0-5V (left/right load wave)
Response time Display 600spm, stopping ability 2,000spm
Display Numeric value equivalent to working load
Sensitivity 0.01mV/V(24X10-6 strain, 50% load)
Temperature drift -5℃-+60℃, 0%
●Sensor Model LUM-420A
Measuring range ±600μst
Sensitivity 1mV/μ (400μ strain)
Temperature drift 0.1% FS/℃
Working temperature range -10℃-+80℃
Outside dimensions 30(D) X 68(W) X 10(H) mm
Mounting pitch 40mm ±0.1mm

Malfunction Detector Riken Optech RDM


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